05th October 2019

10 Tell-Tale Signs Of A High-Quality Inventory Management System

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When it comes to inventory management, quality is important. Inventory management systems quickly become embedded into the heart of an organisation, so it pays to select an option that ticks all the important boxes. Here are ten tell-tale signs that prove that your system is at the top of the game.


1) Reliable Support

The best inventory management systems are highly ergonomic. They provide reliable support for a thorough range of organisational aspects outside the basic inventory, including strategic planning and HR.

2) Better Customer Service

Social media has transformed customer service requirements. However, being as responsive as the customers demand is often easier said than done. High-quality inventory management systems can optimise the flow of goods to keep customers coming back for more.

3) Faster Order Turnover & Increased Sales

High-quality inventory management systems are focused on increasing sales. This is achieved by tweaking the weak links in the system to boost efficiency. The result is faster turnover and enhanced productivity.

4) More Effective Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management can be a major challenge when attempted through an Excel spreadsheet. Inventory management takes a different approach, keeping a close digital eye on the bigger picture. This provides accurate information and enables precise decision-making.

5) Reduced Inventory Costs

Inventories tend to cost much more than they need to. From staffing costs to human errors, a stray number on a spreadsheet or a miscounted box can lead to many negative outcomes. By keeping everything well-organised, inventory management systems lead to substantial savings.

6) Lower Levels Of Write-Off, Obsolescence, & Overstocking

With high-end inventory management systems, lower levels of write-off, obsolescence, and overstocking no longer have to be a distant dream. The systems keep a close eye on patterns and trends, ensuring that the right decisions are made.

7) More Efficient, Smaller Warehouse Footprint

Paying more than is needed is never a good business strategy. Reducing your warehouse footprint is an excellent way of bringing down overheads. High-quality inventory management software optimises the space so that it is used to maximum efficiency.

8) Reduced Employment Costs

Significant time is wasted in most warehouses. A good inventory management system does most of the legwork so that employees don’t have to.

9) Strengthened Brand & Business Reputation

Customers like a business they can trust. These days, that means reliability, responsiveness, and transparency. When an inventory is properly managed, goods are tracked from door-to-door for a professional, streamlined delivery.

10) You Can Pick What Modules You Need & Only Pay For The Ones That You Use

Some providers will try to sell one-size-fits-all solutions. The reality of inventory management is very different. Businesses need to be able to pick and choose the modules they need to craft a bespoke package for their needs. High-end inventory management systems should be customer-focused, supportive, and fair.

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These tell-tale signs of a high-quality inventory management system are a good starting point, but learning more about the way that these systems work is even better. To find out more, why not download the Reflex Planning Inventory Management Software Guide today?

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