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Effective Planning

Reflex Supply Planning software has been designed to automate as much of the replenishment plan as possible. It can be used to drive efficiencies within the company’s production and warehouse structure and, in collaboration with suppliers, to provide a highly efficient inter-enterprise replenishment process.

Balance Supply and Demand

Reflex Supply Planning is exception driven. It enables planners to quickly focus on those situations where supply and demand are out of balance. As a result, planners can spend their time making informed decisions about resource allocation, expediting orders and protecting customer service, instead of managing routine replenishment orders which Reflex Supply Planning will handle automatically.

Customer Service

Reflex Supply Planning provides future visibility of customer demands, product and material requirements, along with the actions needed by suppliers to satisfy those requirements. Alternative scenarios can be modelled and compared to assess the impact of changes on the supply chain.

Reflex Supply Planning anticipates and averts problems such as stock-outs and out-dated inventory. Minimizing obsolescence, the solution presents planners with economically sound options – and pleased customers

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