03rd October 2019

The Convenience Of Reflex Management Software At Reflex (And 7 Ways It Will Boost Your Business!)

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Some people love a spreadsheet, but can inventory management ever replace that pared-down simplicity and ease of use? At Reflex, we think it can do all that and so much more. Here are seven ways that Reflex inventory management software can boost your business.



1) Better Understanding, Better Decisions

Consumer behaviour can be baffling, but numbers offer vital clues. Data analytics act like a psychologist, taking a deep peek into the metrics of an organisation. This tells you what is currently happening, what is likely to happen, and where key changes can be made. This gives companies the power to make bold strategic moves.

2) Faster Order Turnover & Increased Sales

Faster order turnovers mean happier customers, leading to higher customer retention and therefore increased profit. Without dedicated software, achieving this goal in real life can be a real challenge. The Reflex Planning Inventory System keeps an experienced eye on your inventory as the sales increase.

3) Effective Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management can feel like herding cats. All it takes is one weak link for chaos to unfold – and when that weak link is a basic spreadsheet error, there is a lot of explaining to do. Software eradicates this exhausting problem, and also identifies risk areas.

4) Reduced Inventory Costs

Inventories have a reputation for haemorrhaging money and can be much more expensive than predicted. This affects both short-term and long-term planning. Inventory management software takes care of the details and helps create lower levels of write-off, obsolescence, and overstocking.

5) Smaller Warehouse Footprint

Taking care of property is expensive. From energy bills to maintenance and security, every square foot matters. The ideal warehouse is the smallest that meets requirements, and not an inch more. Inventory management software makes this type of calculation with ease. The result is increased efficiency and money saved, reducing stress and increasing harmonious organisational vibes.

6) Reduced Employment Costs

Good planning means good management. By optimising staff resources, inventory management software helps ensure that the whole organisation is finely tuned. This means that hours are not wasted, warehouses are streamlined, and the ideal number of employees are engaged. Striking the right balance cuts the risk of stressed, over-worked employees, and reduces sleepless nights from misspent funds.

7) Strengthened Brand & Business Reputation

In a competitive market, standing out from the crowd is important. Some companies stand out for all the wrong reasons and fall into PR black holes. Being able to deliver on time, look ahead, and keep costs to a minimum is a formula that ticks the PR boxes for all the right reasons. Careful investments equate to stronger branding and enhanced reputation.

Find Out More

For more information about optimising your systems, please download the Reflex Inventory Management Software Guide by clicking here.

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