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Effective Factory Scheduling

Scheduling factories can be one of the most complex and demanding processes. Without good software you are unlikely to make best use of your assets, and will almost certainly increase inefficiencies. Reflex Production Scheduling allows planners to optimise factory performance, support good service and reduce costs.

Maximise Efficiencies

Use Reflex Production Scheduling to plan complex environments with multiple work centres. Minimise changeovers and reduce cost, by ensuring materials are available using Reflex’s integrated ATP processes. This gives you full visibility of the supply chain, stock availability, allocation and due delivery.

Constraints and Labour Pools

As well as aligning plan sequence with material availability, Reflex will plan resources such as labour and secondary work-centres. Run speeds and set up times can be adjusted by shift and work-centre. Production schedules can also be optimised using factors such as non-working periods, allergens, tooling and factory shut downs.

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