Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the benefit of the software?

Increased profitability through increasing sales by optimising the stock, which also equals reduced waste. Plus, the Reflex modular approach allows clients to pay for just what they need, instead of surplus features that you may never use. Reflex Inventory Planner reduces inventory and improves service. Effective inventory management not only reduces cost, but also improves performance in the one area where markets are most demanding today: customer service.

Reflex Financial Planner enables you to replicate your management accounts and budget comparisons. This enables you to perform “what if?” analysis with your financial set of figures and view impact on your profitability in the following years.

Reflex Dashboards can be easily set up to dynamically update graphical views, to drill through the solution and resolve any issue, and alerts your users when to take action throughout the demand and supply chain process.

What can I test, measure and monitor using the software? KPIs

You can measure a whole range of key KPIs from Forecast Accuracy, Budget v Forecast, Inventory Turns and Availability, to Stock Accuracy.

Can I export the data from the system?

You can extract the data from the Reflex layouts – with just one click – into any version of Excel. The data can be exported into your Excel-designed Reports. You can export data into a SQL Database, or interface back into your ERP system.

How long does it take to implement the solution on average?

Our quickest turnaround was 6 weeks with valid and correct data from a Sage 200 ERP system. The project can take longer depending on the amount of resources you can provide. We also carry out standard checks for gaps in your data which may need re-populating. The average time to full implementation is around 12 weeks.

Why should I use your software over your competitors?

We offer a very broad platform from Innovation, Demand, Inventory, Supply, and Capacity, to Scheduling Planning modules and more. Plus, your data will be interfaced to Microsoft Power BI which enables the creation of multiple tailored dashboards that allow for in-depth data analysis.

Many forecasting solutions are overly complex and hard to navigate. The Reflex solution was designed from the user perspective to simplify the forecasting process.

Why should I use your forecasting solution over Excel?

Forecasting your business is a key process for your team, so entrusting your data to a program as notoriously insecure as Excel is not something we’d advise. Whether your spreadsheet randomly loses pieces of data or simple human error typical of manual data entry results in misleading conclusions, Excel was not designed for forecasting and, appropriately, doesn’t stand up well against purpose-built forecasting software.

Can your software help me launch new products?

Yes – we have a module specifically dedicated to this critical process. Our web-based solution allows users from all departments to manage this process through all specific business stage gates. Each stage provides you with the appropriate resources to complete individual tasks as required. The module also offers a visual project plan that gives continual status updates, including an estimated completion time with ‘on time’ or ‘late’ indicators. Once approved, your new product drops into the Forecast where you can use the new product profile to map out the shape and volume of sales expected. The process is clear and straightforward.

What’s the cost? How can I calculate the price?

The price of our software depends on how many modules you choose to implement. Every business’s requirements are different, but we tailor your package to your specific needs. Costs per module are especially calculated with the smaller company in mind, so Reflex Planning pricing is very fair and realistic for the small-to-medium-sized business.

We will soon be launching our Cost Calculator which will generate an accurate breakdown of the fees that you can expect. In the meantime, please call us for a direct quote.

What industries have you worked with?

We have worked with a range of industries including Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG), Retail, Automotive, Textiles, Distributors, Food Manufacturers, and Industrial.

What’s the maintenance and support like? Is there a charge for support?

New versions of our software are released every 9 months with details of the content, and an option to upgrade.

We react to support issues very promptly with an average response time of 1 hour. Our average resolution time is on the same day, and we are proud to offer very attentive close personnel support to our clients.

Our Maintenance & Support fee is 20% of the standard Software License fee but is included with the cloud solution.

What are your contracts like? Are they rolling 30 day contracts or yearly subscriptions?

Our annual contracts automatically renew each year.

What’s the process if I want to be customer? (for example, enquire, demo, POC, trial – full contract? – please clarify)

Our normal approach will initially involve a web-based demonstration using a set of data from your industry to help give you a relatable idea of what to expect when you use our software. This can be defined further for a specific onsite demonstration focused on your specific requirements.

We offer a POC in return for a small fee and draw up an agreement plan for either a standard software license or a Cloud-hosted solution. Upon choosing one of the two options, you would then provide us with the required data to be imported into the Reflex software which then generates a full Demand Planning system set of results. This is then shared onsite with your management team as well as a fully costed proposal and a robust ROI financial model. From there, the implementation process begins and you could reasonably expect to be up and running with Reflex within 6-12 weeks.

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