The introduction of new products is key to growth, market share and profitability. And yet this is an area of high risk which is often under-managed and poorly planned.


Reflex Innovation Management provides a fully integrated planning tool that allows the user to plan product introductions, work collaboratively across complex businesses, track progress and identify risks. It is a platform off which to launch successful products time after time.


Based on a best practice stage gate process, Reflex will define your critical path, assign resources, and create a detailed project plan. You can configure the system to suite your business processes and review progress using the integrated Gantt chart.


Document management, dummy products, security settings, audit trails, email alerts, integrated reporting and project tracking will all help you launch new products from a controlled environment. You can then use the outputs to drive the demand and capacity planning processes.


Intuitive, integrated, collaborative, structured and effective, it is everything you need to support this complex process.

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