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T G Lynes is one of the foremost independent suppliers to the mechanical services, heating, plumbing and air movement industries. The company prides itself on success brought about due to its wide range of stock. With a profile of around 15,000 products, which should, ideally, always be available to their customers, quality of service and staff experience are also key to its success.


Production of an accurate forecast and a time phased optimal stocking policy were the twin goals of introducing the Reflex demand and supply planning modules.


The solution delivered improved stock availability of 25% whilst at the same time reducing inventory by 25%.

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"We needed a system to forecast our products and order just the right amount of stock at just the right time. Reflex delivered a product that required minimal changes to our existing systems and processes. Reducing our Inventory while improving our service availability is a double winner, it doesn’t get much better than that."

- Brian Day, Supply Chain Director

"One of the principal challenges was adapting our business to longer and more complex supply chains, involving suppliers from low cost economies in Europe and Asia. The Reflex guys helped us implement a supply chain that took into account the increased risk and enabled us to plan and manage our inventory much more effectively. Overall, we have improved profitability by increasing stock turns through a combination of a reduction in inventory and improved sales performance. In addition, greater visibility within our supply chain has given us improved confidence in our ability to manage inventory."

- Andrew Burnett, Supply Chain Manager

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