Reflex Demand Planning uses world-class multi-level business forecasting techniques, giving you more information and time to better understand your market and make decisions. It has unique features that allow you to create real value for your customers, and take real cost out of your business.


Using order history fed from your core ERP system, Reflex calculates your forecast by day, week or month, using auto-adaptive calculations based on algorithms developed with Manchester Metropolitan University. Reflex dynamically analyses demand or sales history and calculates seasonality and trend to create a base forecast for seasonal sales.


Importantly, Reflex Demand Planning also allows the user to identify separate promotional activity, both in sales history and in the forecast. These events can be managed at any level in the hierarchy, minimising effort and improving accuracy. A library of profiles can also be created, allowing the system to learn from past events and enhance projections.


A highly effective alerts system will help users address weak forecasts. Comparing forecast to budget and managing the financial processes is core to Reflex Demand Planning. Important commercial considerations such as margin effects and pricing are easily managed at a detailed or aggregate level. Financial and volume forecasts can be compared between products, family groups, customers and markets. Sales teams can be measured and incentivised on the margin and price effects of their activities.

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