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“The transparency that Reflex has provided Krispy Kreme in looking at our business and identifying opportunities has been immense. The forecast accuracy achieved through Demand Planning and Sales Analysis has allowed us to pursue a policy of right product in the right place at the right time which has reduced the amount of time our managers devote to the problem and delivered a forecast accurate to around +/-3% per week at the company level.


This is something unheard of before we introduced Reflex and continues to deliver dividends to the business from a sales and reporting perspective. The willingness of Reflex as a supplier to customise and write bespoke capabilities to fit our needs is a key part of the way the demand planning solution has been able to fit into our operation and provide the benefits that it has.


Reflex has become a core part of our business approach and as we look to the future Reflex is continuing to develop new systems that will enable us to deal with the challenges around the corner while continuing to deliver great customer service and bring the magic of a Krispy Kreme moment to new and exciting markets.”


– Richard Wainwright, Demand Planner, Krispy Kreme UK

“The requirement was for a tool that was certainly sophisticated, yet easy to use.Reflex delivered a comprehensive set of features, combined with a modern design, all at a sensible price”


– Janet Hassall, Planning Manager, Christy Towels


“The first product of its kind that actually does what it says on the tin”


– Graham Naismith, Commercial Director, Christy Towels

“The Reflex suite of modules and features allow us to continually extend the usage and scope of the system as the business looks to improve its control over other areas of the planning arena. It is constantly helping us make better informed decisions today by providing us with accurate predictions of the future we can depend upon”


– Steve Smith, Supply Chain Manager, Hitchen Foods

“Accuracy at Item level has improved from an estimated 65% to 85% within a 6 month period”


– Alex Johnson , Strategic Product Manager, Teva

“We needed a system to forecast our products and order just the right amount of stock at just the right time. Reflex delivered a product that required minimal changes to our existing systems and processes. Reducing our Inventory while improving our service availability is a double winner, it doesn’t get much better than that.”


– Brian Day, Supply Chain Director, T G Lynes


“One of the principal challenges was adapting our business to longer and more complex supply chains, involving suppliers from low cost economies in Europe and Asia. The Reflex guys helped us implement a supply chain that took into account the increased risk and enabled us to plan and manage our inventory much more effectively. Overall, we have improved profitability by increasing stock turns through a combination of a reduction in inventory and improved sales performance. In addition, greater visibility within our supply chain has given us improved confidence in our ability to manage inventory.”


– Andrew Burnett, Supply Chain Manager, T G Lynes

“My time spent on preparing and generating reports for our S&OP process has been reduced from 7 days a month to 1, and I can be confident the figures are valid”


– Chris Meir, Planning Manager, McCormick Foods


“The factory is not required to have to react to sudden changes in demand as it used to. This has all been accounted for within the system, all changes are now minor in nature which makes it easy to work with.”


– Colin Firth, Factory Manager, McCormick Foods


“From a business perspective we are very confident in the results Reflex generates to predict our future requirements, which has improved productivity across all departments which reduces our costs which in turn directly improves our profitability.”


– Rachel Stafford, Supply Chain Executive, McCormick Foods
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