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At Reflex, we pride ourselves in the relationships we have with our customers

Some of these are fifteen years old and date back to the start of the company. With others, we have worked so closely that we have become fundamental to the successful operation of their businesses. None of these relationships are realised without integrity and effort. The main aims are always to add value, to improve service and reduce costs. Without these, we would not achieve the longevity or the depth of relationships in which we pride ourselves.

The case studies below tell of reduced inventories, improved service levels and happy customers. We have worked closely with Teva since 2003 and Christy Towels since 2004. We have implemented integrated forecasting and planning systems for Bakkavor, allowing them to supply their demanding supermarket customers successfully and efficiently. We have transformed many of the operating procedures in Krispy Kreme, facilitating significant growth, improved availability and reduced wastage.

Implementing World Class Planning systems like Reflex can transform your business, as these customers will attest.
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