Established in 1901, today Teva ranks amongst the top 10 pharmaceutical companies in the world. Headquartered in Israel, it has a portfolio of more than 1000 molecules producing approximately 64 billion tablets and capsules a year at 66 manufacturing facilities around the world.


Within the UK, the business is around 60% generic medicines and 40% branded medicines and has continued to grow in recent years with the acquisition of ratiopharm, Théramex and Cephalon, which brought many innovative and branded products to the Teva range.


Despite being a successful company the UK product managers admitted that getting accurate forecasts was a major problem. The existing process relied heavily on a stand-alone Excel spreadsheet that was being manually updated each month. This was a highly laborious and time-consuming process, prone to human error.


Reflex delivered a demand planning solution which resolved the issues, also providing automatic feeds to marketing, planning, sales and purchasing departments to form the first integrated demand process in Teva history. Seasonal specific launch profiles, best-fit algorithm selection and market specific intelligence have all combined to help deliver a 20% improvement in forecast accuracy.


Beyond the initial requirement, extensions were delivered to push the system further. These enabled industry specific information to be captured such as product licensing, market position and detailed product history. Combined with rolling analysis reports sorted and summarized by product category and market channel; these enhancements formed a clearer picture of revenue, costs and margins.

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"Accuracy at Item level has improved from an estimated 65% to 85% within a 6 month period"

- Alex Johnson , Strategic Product Manager.

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