Optimum Inventory

Reflex Inventory Planning will help reduce inventory and improve service. Effective inventory management not only reduces cost, but also improves performance in the one area where markets are most demanding today: customer service.


Reflex Inventory Planning monitors demand variability and accounts for the outputs from Reflex Demand Planning. It calculates optimum inventory at item level, allowing the user to model inventory against target service levels and decide how much to invest in stock.

Customer Service

Improved customer service is the most valuable benefit of effective supply chain inventory management. The immediate benefits of order fulfilment and improved sales are one thing; the longer term benefits of enhanced reputation and a strengthened brand are quite another.


But Reflex Inventory Planning can deliver many other improvements that reduce cost: reduced write-off and obsolescence, smaller warehouse footprint and lower labour costs. Supported by an effective forecast, Reflex Inventory Planning provides a rapid return on investment.

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