10th March 2020

Reflex Planning: A Reliable Forecasting Method For Effective Production Planning

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Maximising efficiency in production is the key to maximising efficiency in your business as a whole. Reflex Planning’s software allows you to model and compare a variety of scenarios to see clearly how specific changes will affect your supply chain. The cost-effective modular packages let you maintain minimal obsolescence and avoid common problems such as stock-outs.


An Ideal Balance Of Affordability & Features

As with anything else in business, value isn’t just about the headline price. Some S&OP software is very cheap, but when you take a closer look, you’ll find that the savings are made by cutting out important functionality. Conversely, some solutions seem to do everything, but only at an unreasonably high price. Reflex Planning’s software hits the sweet spot, with the features you need at an attractive, competitive price.

What Can Reflex Planning Do For You?

Our software provides an end-to-end solution to help your business increase profits, cut waste and optimise product stock. It gives you the ability to pinpoint the data you need to make more informed decisions and forecast with greater confidence.

Only Pay For What You Need

The software’s modular design means you’ll never have to pay for features you don’t need. You can select the modules that are right for your business, from planning to stock optimisation, and implement them fast to start seeing the benefits quickly. With its intuitive design, Reflex Planning will become second nature for your team.

Add Modules For A Fuller Picture

If you start using the software and decide you’d like to have a fuller, more rounded picture of your sales data, Reflex Planning makes it quick and easy to add additional modules. For example, you can use Supply Chain Planning to provide your company with a replenishment workflow that’s optimised for maximum efficiency.

Suppliers Will Benefit Too

Effective planning depends on effective cooperation at both ends of the chain. Suppliers will be able to see the forecast plan produced, so making it easier for them to prepare for future requirements. You and they can then make the appropriate plans to maximise your chances of maintaining a smooth supply throughout any changes in demand.

We’re waiting to hear from you, so arrange a free demo today and see how Reflex Planning software could transform your production planning!

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