17th December 2021

Is It Too Early To Start Planning For Christmas 2022?

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It’s never too early to start planning, but is it too early for seasonal demand forecasting for Christmas 2022? Nobody knows what Christmas 2022 is going to look like, or the level of disruption that Omicron may cause. However, with the right software, you can increase the resilience, preparedness, and agility of your organisation.

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Seasonal Planning and Demand Forecasting

Demand can be a difficult metric to get right, especially during times of global uncertainty. Thankfully, seasonal events act as anchor points to help guide supply chain and inventory management. As such, companies that integrate medium term to long term demand forecasting build a powerful statistical database for predicting patterns. When the software is advanced, the levels of accuracy can be high, empowering organisations in their planning for Christmas 2022 and beyond.

Embracing uncertainty

Nobody likes uncertainty, and with new variants of Covid emerging it looks like 2022 will be a year of planning challenges. Any business that has used accurate demand forecasting software since the start of the pandemic already has a level of immunity to the uncertainty of current events, as the data will contain information about customer behaviour in response to multiple unprecedented situations. For companies that need rapid insight into demand patterns, especially in response to Omicron and the global container shortage, demand forecasting software can help to build uncertainty into the business model in a way that is safe and secure. As such, organisations can keep their responses agile, accurate, and responsive.

Responsive and relevant planning

Plans are often thought of as being concrete decisions that must be followed unwaveringly. However, successful business leaders know that the best planning strategy is also the most flexible. Agile plans not only help organisations survive when the unexpected happens, they help companies to thrive in new opportunities. In times of uncertainty, accurate planning can also help by reducing inventory wastage and missed sales, and build organisational resilience by reducing costs. In addition, demand forecasting software provides a valuable treasure trove of information to guide everything from marketing to calculating the required manpower to enable the business to meet every demand.

Closing thoughts

At Reflex Planning, we understand that when times are unpredictable, accurate behavioural analysis can be a powerful ally. Patterns can bring clarity to difficult situations, helping businesses tighten their inventories and keep costs lean. This increases resilience and responsiveness, empowering companies not only to survive, but to thrive. Our software is designed to make the demand forecasting process clear, straightforward, and accurate, whatever the season. To learn more about building your organisational survival skills in time for Christmas 2022 and beyond, please get in touch to arrange a free demo of our Reflex Planning system.

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