13th January 2021

Inventory Management Systems: How To Check You’re Not Paying Extra For Services You Don’t Need

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Bundle services are the oldest trick in the book. Pay for what you need, and then pay a little more for things that you might need down the line, and all too quickly a business is paying for services that it doesn’t need at all. Thankfully, ethical companies are making their mark in the software sector.

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Here is the Reflex Planning response to keeping things clean:


Pick ‘n’ Mix

Nobody wants to pay for things that they don’t need, and few business models have the elasticity for it. The Reflex answer is a tried and tested one: to let clients choose. This means selecting the modules that your business needs, and only paying for those that you use. This means that nobody is asked to have a clairvoyant view of the future, and organisations have complete control over their choices.


Cutting Out The Risks

The traditional method – Excel – is known to be strewn with risks and hazards. From an astonishing lack of data security to the age-old problem of not being able to track changes, working with traditional forecasting spreadsheets and trying to estimate their inventory plans is a daily test of endurance. Some people like the battle. Others prefer to put their time and cognitive resources to better use. Being able to assign accountability, ensure that data is secure, and that systems are backed up in real-time gives as much back in peace of mind as it does in productivity. If there is one place to make your investment, it is risk management. Inventory management systems are a frontline defence.


Getting Support

When it comes to your first forecasting system, support is helpful. These systems optimise inventory management processes taking much of the burden off workers and reducing the risk of human error. Inventory management systems optimise warehouse volume in stock which then provides the customer with greater availability of the product. The system will explain how to plan for growth years into the future. This can have a major impact on strategic decision making and organisational design. Having an expert on the other end of the phone can help during the transitional phase. When calculating your costs, opt for a provider that is willing to go the extra mile to ensure you are getting the ideal solution for your needs. This way, you can offer exemplary support to your customers in turn.

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