20th June 2019

How Long Does It Take To Implement A Demand Planning Solution?

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Implementing demand planning solution software is complex and, therefore, isn’t a “quick fix”. Before the solution can be implemented, there needs to be a lot of evaluation, meetings and consultation. This can be an issue for some potential clients, due to time, expense and effort.

The whole process can take between a few weeks to several months because of the testing involved, and the validation of the data compared to the host ERP in the implementation, which is often to bespoke specifications. The timescale will always vary depending on the requirements of the client’s business.

These are the stages involved in setting up a Reflex Planning solution:

  1. A customer makes an enquiry
  2. A web-hosted demo is booked
  3. A face-to-face meeting is arranged and another demo based on similar businessmodel to their industry;
  4. The client then has the opportunity to test via a paid pilot process of 2-3 days
  5. Reflex then develop a system based on the company’s historic data and give them a limited view of how the software works



Overall, the process takes a minimum of 2 months and could be as long as 4-6months. Implementation is as per agreed Project plan, step by step through the process Enabling Reflex clients to benefit from the capability andfunctionality at an affordable cost. Finally, Reflex ask the client to forecast for 18 months to see the true benefits.

Simple business models and processes take less time to implement. Larger, more complex businesses require more meetings, more planning, more testing. Customer availability also impacts the speed of implementation. One customer of Reflex Planning, for example, – All About Food – achieved forecasting in only six weeks.

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Integrated forecasting and business planning solutions take time but the overall benefits they will bring to your business will pay dividends in years to come. Read some Reflex Case Studies to see how the operations of your business could be transformed, or call us directly to speak with one of our planning consultants.

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