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We support brands as familiar as Toyota and Krispy Kreme. We are integral to the success of manufacturers, distributors and retailers in the food, consumables, healthcare and automotive industries, amongst many others.

  • Real value

    Reflex Planning Solutions was founded in 2001, to develop supply chain planning software that addresses the real challenges of running a business in today’s markets. Reflex will help you create real value for your customers and take real cost out of your business. Reflex is highly flexible, because we understand that your business is unique.

  • Focus and optimise

    In ever more demanding markets, with lengthening supply chains and greater cash constraints, effective business planning has become a must. We understand these challenges and, with successful implementations around the world, we have the answer to your most demanding questions.

  • Business planning

    • Tailor your forecast to fit your market
    • Reduce your inventory and improve your service
    • Plan your capacity to make the right calls ahead of time
    • Optimise your factory plan and reduce waste
    • Focus on the important decisions, automating the rest
    • Drive your Sales and Operations Planning process
    • Achieve much more with less
  • Your business, your people

    Reflex is entirely process driven. Since inception, our company philosophy has been to shape our software around your processes. In this way, the Reflex modules can be tailored to reflect the requirements of your market, your business and your people.

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